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New Swimwear for Spring Break


Spring Break is literally right around the corner, but do you have this year’s hottest swim attire? Two of our favorite stores for suits, Target and Victoria’s Secret, have stocked their shelves… but, which store to pick? They both offer great bathing suits—here are some photos to help you decide where to complete your next purchase!

Victoria’s Secret             

Victoria’s Secret has sexier suits, but they may get pricey for the average collegiette. They do have both basic colors and fun patterns for all age groups, but they sell the pieces separately meaning that they make cost you more money. In the spirit of spring break, Victoria’s Secret PINK has been using SnapChat to post pictures of bathing suits and events they want to plan during spring break. They have one-pieces, bikinis, and anything else you might be looking for!


Target has a smaller selection than Victoria’s Secret, but doesn’t hurt your pocket as much! They have more fun colors than basic pieces. The pieces here are also sold separately like at Victoria’s Secret. Target does aim towards a teenage audience, and may be a better place if you don’t want too many options to pick from. Target also sells one-pieces and that still have a sexy look to them.


 These are only two stores, but combined offer a large selection and are located nationwide!

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