"The Naked Roommate" on: Money, Laundry and Cheap Eats

Welcome everyone to week 12! This week in The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen, we are going to talk about Money, Laundry, and Cheap Eats: Assuming You Have Enough Money to Eat and Do Laundry. We all know the college struggle of not having money for anything. Here are the top two tips for stretching your dollars as much as you can:

Bad Checks, Bad Credit, and Bad Ideas…: It can take seven seconds to write a bad check- it takes seven years to repair your credit. (Note: actual time to write check can vary). Having a check bounce can be one of the worst things ever! It can cause you to have many different fees which are a pain in the butt to have to pay. You didn’t have enough money in the first place now you have even less.

Cheap Strategies for Eating (or barley eating): You can eat cheap if you work on eating cheap. If you’re really strapped for nourishment, get a job in food services. The catering jobs tend to yield massive employee leftovers. Working in a job that has food being leftover is the best because who doesn’t like a free meal! But if you can’t score that job, any other job will do in making money in trying to feed yourself if you want to take a night off form Salmo. However as much as we wish restaurants around campus don’t take Bulldog bucks and dinning dollars.

 Be careful about how you spend your limited amount of money, we all know how addictive online shopping is but you don’t want to over spend. Take it easy and think: do you actually need a bedazzled dog collar when you only own a fish? (Unless you secretly have a dog here and if you do can we pet it?)