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“The Naked Roommate” On: Dating and Relationships

Hey guys! And welcome to week 8 of The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen. This week we are talking about Dating and Relationships: Your Higher Education in Lust, Love and Loss. Dating in college can be tough and is something you have to work at. Here are the top two tips to help you through:

Cheaters, Users, and Abusers: People who love each other do not hit each other. People who love each other do not cheat on one another. Do not get used to it. Do not excuse it. Do not allow it. Demand respect and you will command respect. Breaking up with someone can be hard to do in these types of situations. Get help, do it in a public place, and break all contact.

There are help lines for those in abusive relationships, including: 1-800-799-7233.

Long-Distance Relationships (LDR): Long-distance relationships that work are hard, emotional, and take A LOT of work. Some can work. Most don’t (we’re sorry).  However, the ones that do make it become stronger in the end, because they understand what it’s like to not be around them 24/7. Talk out your problems, and if you get into a fight while they’re visiting work it out before they leave. It won’t end well if you don’t.

Relationships are tough, especially in college. Work them through and pay attention to how the other person is feeling and everything will be fine. If you ever feel unsafe, reach out to someone who can help- there are plenty of places you can go. 

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