Must-Watch Scary Movies

As we quickly approach Halloween, one of the most important aspects of getting ourselves in the proper spooky mood is watching scary movies. In the spirit of the holiday, you are required to watch at least one horror film. Some people live for the thrill of being scared, while others still need to check under their bed for monsters before going to sleep. No matter where you fall on this scale, there is a scary movie for you!

Because the season calls for activities like haunted hayrides and telling spooky stories, it's best you prepare yourself for being frightened. Get a few friends together - so you don’t get too scared - and put on a classic scary movie.

If you are in need of a good suggestion, here are some of the best horror movies:


The Woman in Black

After losing his wife, Arthur Kipps, a lawyer, is sent to a small village to settle the affairs of a recently deceased woman. He soon learns that something is off in this town, as it appears that they are hiding a secret from him. Kipps, while trying to find more details out, discovers that the spirit of the woman is left haunting her house and seeking revenge on the children of the town.


Don’t Breathe

Three delinquents from Detroit often break into houses of wealthy people and steal valuables. They hear about a blind veteran who recently received a large sum of money, as he recently lost his daughter. Thinking that he will be an easy target, they decide to break into his house. After entering his house and starting what they believe will be the easiest robbery they will ever commit, they discover more about him and began to wonder how this heist will end.


The Conjuring

After moving into a new house, the Perron family begins to notice strange things happening. Pictures fall from the wall, they hear strange sounds at night, and the youngest daughter acquires a new “imaginary friend”. They fear that their house is haunted, so the Perrons call in demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren to help. They discover the horrifying history of the house, proving that they have to take manners into their own hands.

The Conjuring is actually based on a true story, automatically making it more terrifying!



Adelaide Wilson, along with her family, returns to a beach where she had a traumatic experience as a child. She can’t shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen. When strangers break into their house, the Wilsons are horrified to find out that each of these attackers looks exactly like one member of the family. It appears that they have to fight their look-alikes to survive…


The Exorcist

When 12-year-old Regan begins speaking in tongues and levitating, her mother fears she needs immediate medical attention. After receiving no help from doctors, a local priest is afraid that Regan may be possessed by the devil. The church, in an attempt to save the girl, sends in an expert to perform an exorcism.


The Boy

Greta takes what seems like a very easy nanny job for an 8-year-old boy in England. However, upon arriving at the house, she finds that the “boy” is actually not a boy at all, but a life-sized doll. The couple cares for and treats the doll like it is their son, leaving Greta with a very specific set of instructions that she must follow. When Greta does not follow the list exactly, strange things begin happening with the doll, making her question if the doll is, in fact, alive.



The Lambert family moves into a new home, and one of the young boys falls and hits his head, putting him in a coma. Doctors are not able to figure out what is wrong with him and he stays in a coma indefinitely. Strange things keep happening in the house, to the point where the wife, Renai, begs her husband to move. However, she soon discovers that the house may not have been the problem. A team of mediums and ghost hunters are called to see if they can figure out what is happening to the Lambert family.



Two men wake up chained to pipes in a bathroom, with no idea how they got there. They soon discover that they have been trapped in some type of puzzle by a serial killer, “Jigsaw.” They are forced to complete various tasks and make their way through the puzzle in order to live, while one man’s wife and daughter are forced to watch this happen on video.


The Shining

Jack Torrance, a writer, decides to be the caretaker of a hotel in Colorado over the winter, in the hope that it will help him write. He moves into the isolated location with his wife and son but still cannot get out of his writer’s block. Danny, his son, has psychic premonitions that continuously get more disturbing the longer he stays in the hotel. Jack is also affected by a seemingly evil spirit in the hotel, causing him to slowly lose his sanity, putting his wife and son in danger.



In a Philadelphia office tower, five strangers get stuck on the elevator together. Tension grows high, and when the lights go out it is discovered that one of the five has been murdered. As security realizes that everyone stuck on the elevator is in danger, Detective Bowden tries to solve the case. Convinced that the Devil is present in that elevator, rescuers race to reach the elevator, hoping that they are able to get the occupants out before their time runs out.

Whether you're a horror movie fanatic or a scaredy-cat (like most of us), we hope you get the chance to get into the true spirit of the spooky season!




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