Mini-Fridge Must Haves

Everyone knows that it is imperative to have a stocked mini-fridge. Whether it is for meals or snacks throughout the week, or for those weekends when you come home from the townhouses, just kick your booties off and find a snack. Here are some of the essentials that get us through the week:


1. Milk: Whatever your milk preferences are (1%, coconut, almond, etc.), this is a staple in the college mini-fridge just because of how versatile it is. Smoothies, protein shakes, cereal, add it to your coffee -- milk is an item you can use to make something completey different or to toss in some cereal you bring home from Salmo when you are in a rush. Not to mention you can buy milk in all different sizes to fit your storage needs.


2. Cheese: Cheese is definitely essential. Again, like milk, cheese has a ton of different uses: a snack, put it on top of some nachos on a Friday night, make a sandwich with it, eat it with your eggs, etc. There is a ton of different types of cheese that you can get so you will never get bored when you rotate out the different options. Not to mention it can make mac n cheese, pizza, calzones and so much more!


3. Salsa: While this may seem a little weird, salsa is great. If you live in a dorm with no kitchen, at least one person will have a microwave. Plain chips and salsa is a great snack or you can take some of that cheese and chips and pop them in the microwave for a quick nacho dinner. If you have a kitchen at your disposal, you can use it for tacos, a Mexican inspired breakfast burrito, add it to guac and sour cream, make a layer dip, and a bunch more!


4. Frozen Veggies: Veggies are important for every part of life. They taste good, they are good for you, and they are super easy to prepare. You might be wondering why we suggest frozen instead of fresh, but there are a few reasons for that: you can use smaller quantities at a time, you can stock up and buy a bunch of different kinds, and you will not have to worry about them rotting before you get a chance to use them. Plus, frozen tastes just as good as fresh and if you are storing them in your freezer, you will have more room in the fridge for other stuff you need. The great part about veggies is that you can eat them as a snack, a side to a meal, or a meal within itself depending on how you make them. Plus, frozen veggies are great if you are kitchen-less because all you need is a microwave to prepare them! Nice!

5. Your Favorite Mixer: This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to look in their fridge on a Friday night at 10:30 to find out that they ran out of Sprite or seltzer water and now they have to free ball it. Always be prepared! The door shelves are perfect for this -- your mix will not take up too much room and you will always have it in a pinch.


6. Fruit: Fruit is a great staple. It can go in a smoothie, be packed as a snack, can be eaten for breakfast or lunch, AND you can make sangria with it…it's uses are endless. The only suggestion Her Campus would give here is if you are using your fruit for a smoothie or a drink, buy frozen for the same reason as the veggies. If using it as a breakfast side or oatmeal topper, without a doubt buy fresh. If you are going to buy fresh, however, stick to one or two at a time, that way they will not go bad too fast.


7. Water: Cold water is essential at any point of the day. Whether you have a Brita, water bottles, or a reusable water bottle, the fridge is the place to keep it. Water bottles and the Brita are easy -- just toss a few in for the week and refill when needed. If you have a reusable water bottle try to fill it up after class at the water fountains. This water is filtered and is nice and clear, unlike some of the sink water!


8. Chicken Nuggets: Because Dino Nuggets are the best late night snack.