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A Midwesterner’s Guide to a New England Tailgate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Being raised in the Midwest, we like to think it’s our job to spread the awareness of a good and proper tailgate. Not saying New Englanders don’t know how to tailgate because oh, yes they do. But our Midwestern politeness is telling us to share the wealth to improve everyone’s game day experience.

1. Don’t forget the essentials: Cooler, folding tables, chairs, ice, plastic (red solo) cups, food, drink/drank.

2. Dress warm, comfy, and don’t be afraid to deck out in school gear! You’ll be outside almost all day or afternoon and it definitely gets chilly in the fall —especially with this New England weather. And don’t forget to break out those Ray Bans.

3. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures—because if you don’t Instagram it or make it your snapchat story, did it really happen????

4. Food, food, and more FOOD!! How can you deny a hamburger or hot dog in school spirit

5. MUSIC!! But not too loud… just loud enough for dancing, possibly singing, but leaving room for conversation.

6. Don’t feel like you have to go to the game… if you’re having a boss-a$$ time, don’t cut it short! At least know what sport you’re tailgating, and who you’re playing.

7. Wake up early! Early bird gets the worm, get a good location and set up before people get there

8. Keep your phone nearby— your friends will need directions

9.  Be friendly…don’t be exclusive about your tailgate and not let others join the fun

10. Did you know, a car door also functions as a bottle opener? Multipurpose and you’ll look like genius and your problem is solved.