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Middle School Trends We All Regret

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Oh middle school, the not so glorious days. We had braces, we had pimples and puberty, and we had ZERO style. Here is the proof, because you know you totally tried to rock at least one of these terrible trends before your first school dance:

1) The always so awful Ugg and shorts combo. We must have been too young to figure out the weather or something because we looked really weather confused.

2) Matching is a good thing, right? Not always! Being overly matchy seemed to be really cool in our velor jumpsuits from Juicy Couture. Because what is cooler than track pants that have “juicy” written across your butt.

3) Not sure if we were preparing for a flood or not but these gaucho pants were way too cool, or so we thought.

4) Side ponys…. Everything about this was just so wrong.

5) For some reason having a ring around our ears as big as our wrists made us look really tough and cool. Years later we have discovered what those big hoop earrings really mean…. Bigger the O bigger the….

The list goes on and on… What were your middle school tacky trends? Share them below!