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Memes that Perfectly Describe Finals Week

Yup, it’s that time of year…finals! We all dread it, but we have to get through it to get to SUMMER! Just know that you’re not alone- everyone is crying, complaining, and stress-eating just like you.

Seriously, who starts studying weeks in advance for that cumulative final?

When you look at the study guide and you don’t recognize any of the terms or formulas.

We all calculate our grades to see what we need to get on the final to pass the course. But when we need a 120/100 to pass the class, our motivation levels plummet.

Most of our thoughts while taking an exam.

A little bribing can’t hurt, right?

But just listen to Ryan, he believes in you, so believe in yourself! Good luck, collegiettes!

Marissa is a sophomore at Bryant University majoring in management and minoring in psychology. She is the Social Media chair at HC, which she absolutely loves! Her favorite past times are baking (esp. chocolate covered pretzels) and exercising. Marissa hopes to work for a large corporation when she graduates in May 2016.
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