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Formal Recruitment has ended, but we are very excited to introduce this year’s Rho Gammas for Formal Recruitment 2022. Rho Gamma’s are unbiased counselors who help Potential New Members (PNMs) through the recruitment process.

Meet Head Rho Gamma Kaitlyn Manghirmalani

  • Hometown: Darien, CT
  • Major: Finance
  • Class: Senior

What Kaitlyn is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am excited to lead the rho gammas into a successful recruitment and be a resource to the PNMs!”

Meet Head of Logistics Michelle Cohen

  • Hometown: Commack, NY
  • Major: Team & Project Management and Psychology
  • Class: Senior

What Michelle is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am excited for the PNMs to meet all the great sororities on campus and for them to find their home!”

Meet Rho Gamma Julia Winterhalter

  • Hometown: Ramsey, NJ
  • Major: Communications
  • Class: Senior

Julia’s advice to PNMs:

“My advice to PNMs is to keep an open mind the entire recruitment weekend. Even if you enjoyed one sorority the most after day one there is so much more you will learn about all of them and a lot of great women you will meet along the way!”

Meet Rho Gamma Dana Jurgielewicz

  • Hometown: Easton, CT
  • Major: Double Major in Team and Project Management & Environmental Science
  • Class: Junior

What Dana is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am excited to meet all of the potential new members (PNMs) and help guide them through the recruitment process!”

Meet Rho Gamma Paige Kelly

  • Hometown: Niantic, CT
  • Major: Human Resources
  • Class: Sophomore

What Paige is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am extremely excited for recruitment this year and can’t wait to be on this side of it as a Rho Gamma. My biggest piece of advice for incoming PNMs would be to keep a positive attitude the entire weekend and remain optimistic no matter what. It is going to make the weekend much more enjoyable, and you will get so much more out of it than you think! Cannot wait to meet you all.”

Meet Rho Gamma Mia Calegari

  • Hometown: Westbrook, CT
  • Major: Data Science
  • Class: Junior

Mia’s advice for PNMs:

“Go in with an open mind! I am excited to meet you all and help you find your home!”

Meet Rho Gamma Nicole Craig

  • Hometown: Dracut, MA
  • Major: International Business: Global Supply Chain Management and Spanish
  • Class: Senior

What Nicole is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am excited to help PNMs during the recruitment process. It is such a fun experience, and I can’t wait to see the Panhellenic community grow when everyone finds their home!”

Meet Rho Gamma Olivia Pohorylo

  • Hometown: Westbrook, CT
  • Major: Team and Project Management
  • Class: Senior

Olivia’s advice for PNMs:

“My piece of advice for PNMs is to not put too much pressure and stress on yourself. Only listen to your own instincts while going through recruitment. If you are rushing with your friends, stay true to what you want despite the paths others may take. You will be surprised what doors will open while going through the entire process!”

Meet Rho Gamma Kat Lennon

  • Hometown: Narragansett, RI
  • Major: International Business
  • Class: Junior

What Kat is excited for during Formal Recruitment:

“I am so excited since this is my first year being a Rho Gamma. Super excited to connect and talk to all the new girls during rush.”

Meet Rho Gamma Jett DuVal

  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Northampton, MA
  • Class: Sophomore

Jett’s advice for PNMs:

“I would say just go into this weekend with an open mind. The worst that could happen is that you make a few friends along the way and had some unforgettable experiences! It’s ok to be nervous but just remember to be yourself!”

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