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Meet the Greek Life Presidents: Joshua Cherian

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Meet the President of Delta Kappa Epsilon: Joshua Cherian

Tell me about yourself? (Hometown, Grade, Major, and a fun fact/something interesting about you)

I am Joshua Cherian, a brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the fraternity’s president. I currently live in Westford, MA. I am a junior at Bryant University and an accounting major. A very interesting fact about myself is that I am a legal citizen of 3 different countries. Those countries are India, Australia, and of course the United States.

Why did you want to be president of DKE?

I wanted to become President of Delta Kappa Epsilon because throughout the years of being a brother, I learned just how great this organization is and I would love to do my part as President to make the Bryant University’s chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon better than it has ever been before.

What are some goals you have for your term?

For my term as president, I want to focus my attention on more philanthropy for the fraternity. I want to make our efforts strong towards providing charity to St. Jude’s hospital and establish effective organization and communication throughout Delta Kappa Epsilon.

What are some events that you have planned/are looking forward to?

Some events Delta Kappa Epsilon and I have planned include our 3v3 basketball tournament where the winner will get the opportunity to donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice. This tournament is coming up in April while our annual golf tourney will take place in May. The golf tournament this year is created to donate all money raised to two brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon that have recently passed.

Favorite thing about DKE?

My favorite thing about Delta Kappa Epsilon is the brotherhood and close relationships I have built. This fraternity has shown me how a group of brothers can be so driven to continue to be better.  

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