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To start off the spring semester, Her Campus Bryant wanted to give our readers a brief introduction to Greek life on campus!

We decided to talk with the eight new Greek life presidents to learn more about their involvement on campus and what’s next for their chapter.

Here is our interview with the president of the sorority Delta Zeta, Maddie Roy. 

HC: Why did you decide to go Greek?

MR: Originally, I had no intention of joining Greek life. I decided last minute to go through recruitment weekend with some of my friends, and in the end, I was so glad I did. I ended up finding an organization of like-minded, motivated and supportive women who encourage me to be a better leader as well as a better person every day. Even outside of Delta Zeta, the relationships I’ve formed throughout Greek life have greatly impacted my college experience!


HC: Why did you decide to run for president?

MR: For almost two years, I watched my chapter go through good and bad times, and recognizing the work that the executive board took on to ensure that our chapter would be successful was very inspiring.

I was able to observe and learn from two executive boards, including two amazing and powerful presidents, who both gave me all the tools to continue to work and build our chapter up to its highest potential. I am excited to make a positive impact on my chapter, and lay the groundwork for future generations of sisters to continue what we have started!


HC: What is your favorite thing about your sorority?

MR: My favorite thing about Delta Zeta is our ability to come together and help a sister in need. No matter what someone has going on, we are able to prioritize our sisters and support one another in whatever life throws at us. I know that on good days or bad, I can call a sister and they will do anything and everything in their power to help me through a situation. 


HC: What is your favorite memory from being a part of your sorority?

MR: My favorite memory of being a member of Bryant Greek Life was meeting members of our Alpha class during alumni weekend, and hearing about their experience in Delta Zeta!


HC: What is one thing you are excited for that’s happening in your organization this semester?

MR: What I am most excited about for this semester is our new philanthropy event we will be running, called Punch and Brunch! 


Stay updated with recruitment and all things Bryant Greek life this week at Her Campus Bryant!



Photo provided by Maddie Roy.

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