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Meet the New President of Alpha Sigma Alpha

To start off the spring semester, Her Campus Bryant wanted to give our readers a brief introduction to Greek life on campus. 

We decided to talk with the eight new Greek life presidents to learn more about their involvement on campus and what’s next for their chapter.

Here is our interview with the president of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha, Lauren Fedor.

HC: Why did you decide to go Greek?

LF: I decided to go Greek to meet a community of sisters who shared similar values to me that I could thrive in, and to find a support system that would help me through college.


HC: Why did you decide to run for president?

LF: I decided to run for president because I wanted to help make a positive difference in my chapter.  I wanted to be able to grow as a person and help grow our chapter by showing my sisters that they are strong and powerful women.


HC: What is your favorite thing about your sorority?

LF: My favorite thing about my sorority is the drive that allows us to be a small but mighty chapter.  We all have a sense of community that allows us to band together and cultivate close friendships with each other.


HC: What is your favorite memory from being a part of your sorority?

LF: My favorite memory from my sorority was at our formal last spring.  It was a very fun and relaxing time to spend time with my sisters outside of the regular chapter.  I felt especially honored winning an award for “Growth”, one of our core values, during the awards portion of the night, and being able to share that moment with everyone made it very special for me.


HC: What is one thing you are excited about that’s happening in your organization this semester?

LF: Some exciting events that we have going on this next semester are: selling Candy Grams for Special Olympics, a Nutrition workshop, and Fight for Air Climb in Providence on April 4th!


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Photo provided by Lauren Fedor.


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