Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Stephanie Souza

Meet: Stephanie Souza of Alpha Omicron Pi

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go Greek?

Stephanie Souza: In high school I was very involved with volunteering opportunities through my church, honors society, and other events in the community with friends. I joined the dance team which was one passion of mine, but I still wanted to be involved in serving the community. My mother had gone Greek in college and all her stories of not only contributing to the community but also the group of women she still keeps in touch with made me want the same thing. I wanted to go Greek to give back to my community, grow my skills as a leader, as a business woman, and find a group of women who I would keep in touch with long after college. Going Greek was the perfect opportunity to not only help me achieve these goals but to grow and gain so much from the women around me at the same time.

HC: When did you decide to run for President?

SS: On Bid Day, I was both excited and nervous about what to expect, so I decided I would get as involved as I could and make the most out of the next 3.5 years. Since then, I have gained so many skills from different positions I have served and have become so passionate about the work our sisterhood is doing in the community and on campus. I’m constantly inspired by my sisters because they are some of the most genuine, compassionate, and hardworking people I’ve ever met, which motivated me to give that same energy to AOII. My grandbig (my big sister’s, big sister) was President, and she and my big both have so much dedication and drive that have inspired me to grow through AOII. I decided to run for President because I’m so excited about what the chapter is doing and what new heights it can achieve. Being president allows me to support the sisters who inspire me and constantly motivate me. In addition, our chapter is part of something larger – AOII chapters all over the country and Bryant’s Greek Community. Being president allowed me to give back both to the AOII mission and help invest in Bryant’s Greek life and keep it growing and thriving. Everyone knows the stereotypes about Greek life, but not enough people know that they aren’t true, especially in AOII and on Bryant’s campus. Being president gives me the opportunity to help prove these wrong and showcase all the amazing achievements both my sisterhood and Bryant Greek Life have accomplished.

HC: What are your favorite things about AOII?

SS: My favorite thing about AOII is that it is a home and group of women that will never ask you to be anyone other than yourself. It’s the feeling in my gut I had about the sorority when I joined and I realized it once someone put it into words. One of my favorite things is whether you just were granted a job offer, are in desperate need of a coffee, or had someone in your life pass away, someone is always there. And it’s always someone different, whether you know them well or not. I just spent a semester abroad, and it was so special seeing both my sisters abroad, and constantly hearing from my sisters at home. It made me realize that though I may not physically be around them, that doesn’t change anything. I was named President abroad and sisters reached out making me feel so confident for the year ahead, especially trusting me to step in while not on campus. AOII comes together so strong when it comes to supporting each other, and that is so special to me.

HC: Are you in any other leadership roles on campus? Or in any other clubs or organizations?

SS: On campus I’m also a Student Ambassador and on the Bryant Dance Team. On the Dance Team I serve as the Fundraising Chair, and have previously served as Social Media & Recruitment Chair. I’m also a general member of Order of Omega, a Greek Honors Society. Last year I was also involved with Project Playhouse, a project that coordinates with local technical schools to build playhouses as a surprise for seriously ill children. I loved being able to apply my major and leadership abilities to giving back to others, and hope to continue working on it!

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant?

SS: My favorite thing about Bryant is the community. I say it on all my tours because I truly feel this way – you’re not a number. Professors take the time to get to know you, they invest in you, and open up doors to help you grow. Professors have helped me network and mentor me for internships, as well as given me opportunities to develop professionally through graduate certification courses. Peers are always willing to hold the door, and people you met once will make a point of saying hello in passing. It’s little things but they really make a difference and speak volumes about character. There’s a different sense of community here than I felt at other schools while touring, and I’ve never looked back on my decision to come to Bryant.

HC: What is your favorite AOII memory?

SS: My favorite AOII memory has been our lip sync performances both my freshman and sophomore year. We do them to conclude Greek Week and they are just so fun and goofy but an awesome way to bond with sisters. I have danced all my life and I absolutely love performing, so it’s my favorite event all year because it combines my love for performing with time spent with my sisters. We put on music getting ready and the rest of our chapter cheers so loud for us throughout the performance. It’s such a little facet of the time in AOII but it fills my heart so much.