Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Matt Poirier

Meet: Matt Poirier of Delta Chi

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go Greek?

Matt Poirier: I decided to Go Greek because I was looking for a group of people who were dedicated to being committed to active roles on campus, academics, and in comradery and I felt that Greek Life at Bryant was a great way to find those people.

HC: When did you decide to run for President?

MP: I decided to run for President in early November of 2018. Since I am a sophomore, I am young for the position but I was pushed by my peers in my fraternity to run and take on the role of being the main visionary of the fraternity for the next year. I am extremely proud that I was elected to be the next President of Delta Chi and I am excited for the what this next year will bring.

HC: What are your favorite things about DX?

MP: My favorite things about Delta Chi mostly revolve around the brotherhood and the people that make up DX. I truly believe that the comradery and the companionship that you find in DX is one of a kind and is hard to find elsewhere. On top of the brotherhood, the events that we put on through philanthropy and community service and our dedication to academics are just a few of my favorite aspects of Delta Chi.

HC: Are you in any other leadership roles on campus? Or in any other clubs or organizations?

MP: I am involved with the WJMF radio station.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant?

MP: My favorite thing about Bryant is the opportunity that Bryant gives you to succeed in the present and in the future through organizations on campus, academics and networking connections.

HC: What is your favorite DX memory?

My favorite DX memory is the golf tournament that we put on in September to benefit mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The golf tournament was a great event that included not only the brothers of Delta Chi but their families and many alumni.