Meet the Greek Life Presidents - Alexis Hoffey

With the second semester just around the corner, Her Campus Bryant  wanted to introduce you to all the new Greek Life presidents as spring recruitment kicks off the week all students return.  

Meet: Alexis Hoffey of Delta Zeta

Her Campus: Why did you decide to go Greek?

Alexis Hoffey: Coming into Bryant as a freshman, I did not know much about Greek Life and part of me was put off by the idea of joining Greek Life because of the stereotypes that come with it.  It wasn’t until I saw all the positive aspects that Greek Life entails that I decided to go through Formal Recruitment.  I saw that sororities and fraternities raise thousands of dollars each year for philanthropies across the country.  I saw that they provide a huge support system; not just to the members involved, but to the entire community, attending all events and fundraisers on campus.  I slowly saw that all the great campus leaders and students that impressed me wear a pair of letters.


HC: When did you decide to run for President?

AH: Running for President has been something that was always in the back of my mind.  After being on the executive board for the past three semesters, I gained a better understanding of what it means to represent the chapter.  My big, Tayla Giuffrida, was President of the chapter for the past year and I saw firsthand how much being in this position can mean to a person.  Throughout her year as President, I saw her become an amazing leader to this chapter and saw the impact that a President could make.  Being President is such an honor for me because I get to represent such an amazing group of women and it is a way that I can give back to an organization that has given me so much.


HC: What are your favorite things about Delta Zeta?

AH: My favorite thing is my sisters.  The women in this chapter are the people that make me smile every day and challenge me to be a better version of myself.  I look up to each one of these girls and could not be prouder of the people they are.  Delta Zeta holds its women to such high standards and set of values that each member amazes me.  I love that I always have someone to eat lunch with, a gym buddy, or someone to binge watch an entire Netflix series with.  They have shown me the importance on not just being part of something but letting something become a part of you.  Yes, we like to take pictures with big gold letters and throw up our hand sign, but that’s not why I love it or why I stay.  I stay for the passion that this sorority has given me and the insane amount of love that these women show me every day. 

HC: Are you in any other leadership roles on campus? Or in any other clubs or organizations?

AH: On campus I hold two jobs.  I work as a desk attendant at the fitness center, and as a coach for the USA Club swim team each night.  I work with all the different ages on the team, but I am the main coach for the 8-10 age group.


HC: What’s your favorite thing about Bryant?

AH: My favorite thing about Bryant is all the opportunities that it can give you.  Bryant is a small school in the smallest state, but it continues to open doors to huge possibilities.  I think that Bryant isn’t one of those schools you go to and just take classes. It’s the kind of environment that you are constantly doing different things and always have something to keep you busy.


HC: What is your favorite Delta Zeta memory?

AH: My favorite memory about Delta Zeta was when I got my big.  In simple terms, a big is an older sorority sister that is meant to guide you through the overwhelming new experience of just joining a sorority.  To me, my big was a lot more than that.  She became my second mom, my role model, and, most importantly, my best friend.  Getting a big also means joining a family.  Freshman year was a difficult time for me getting used to not having my family around.  The day that I got my big, I also got to meet her big as well and became a part of a family.  This was the first time since I had come to college that I didn’t feel sad to not have my family around; instead I felt excited to have a different kind of “family” here at Bryant.  The night ended with us going Sonic together for milkshakes and hanging out for hours.  It wasn’t the most extravagant times we’ve ever had, but it meant the world to me.