Meet the Directors of Footloose

Bryant University will be putting on a production of Footloose On March 31st, April 1st and April 2nd! Check out this article about the mast minds behind the show and better yet- mark your calendars for this production!


Name: Liam Rice

Grade:  Senior ‘17

Major: Literary and Cultural Studies; Applied Economics

Position: Director

Is this your first show directing? If not name some others: Nope! I directed How I Learned to Drive, The Importance of Being Earnest, and I produced Grease!

How do you like directing this show so far? It’s been wonderful. With this being my last show at Bryant, this cast has been the most talented one I’ve had! So thankful.

Why did you pick this show? Footloose is an energetic, well-known show that will get the cast and audience rocking on their feet. The emotion of the characters, dealing with self-identity and family issues, is palpable and something the audience connects with. If you’re looking for a show that is both fun and thoughtful, this is the show for you!

Favorite scene/characters? “Learning to Be Silent” and Ariel, Rusty, Urleen, Wendy Jo

Any Advice for the cast? Have fun! You have spent countless hours working on the songs and dances and scenes, so let go and do it! You are all the best cast this show could have at Bryant, so trust yourself and believe in the magic of dance! Remember, dancing is not a crime!


Name: Monica Cable

Grade:  Sophomore/’19

Major: Accounting

Position: Assistant Director/Players President

Is this your first show directing? If not name some others: Yes, this is my first show assistant directing.

How do you like directing this show so far? It’s been a blast! The cast has bonded wonderfully and everyone is super enthusiastic and hardworking.

Why did you pick this show? Footloose is a well known, high energy show that is beloved by many, myself included. Given our success with Grease last Spring, the club felt that Footloose would be a good opportunity for us to show our dancing capabilities.

Favorite scene/characters? Willard/Mama Says, and Ren/I Can’t Stand Still

Any Advice for the cast? Believe in yourselves! You have been one of the most dedicated and motivated casts I’ve ever seen work on a show, and you all have both the technical skills and spunky personalities that will make this show a masterpiece. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember to cut (foot)loose every once in a while!