Meet the Directors of Bryant University's Production of Heathers: The Musical

Meet the Director:

Name: Mike Criscuolo

Grade: Junior

Major: Marketing/Management

Brief description of the show in your eyes: This show is a wild ride from the opener to the finale, filled with love, lust, laughter and of course a little murder. I like to think of it as a darker version of Mean Girls but with music and dancing and a few characters you actually want to root for.

What made you want to direct Heathers: The Musical? I've been a member of the Players since the Fall show my freshman year, and have been a part of every show since. Whether that be on stage as an actor, back stage as a crew member, working the spotlight or even being an Assistant Director. I have a passion for theater and a dedication to the Bryant Players with whom I have grown personally connected to throughout my time here at Bryant. It was only fitting that I direct a show. I had heard about Heathers back when I was in high school when I met a violinist for the show at a theater workshop in New York City, but didn't think much of it until another member of the group started introducing everybody to the show and we got really into it. The rest is history and I couldn't be happier.

Favorite part about directing: I think my favorite part about this experience has been able to take a show that has already gotten an artistic flair from the movie that it's based on and put my own twist and creative ideas into making it my own. It's also been great to be able to work with my AD, Choreographer and Music Director, as well as the entire cast to put everything together to make an exciting and entertaining show for the world to see.

Notes/comments to your cast? You've all been absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. Every single one of you has given this show your all and I couldn't have been happier. It's that work that you've put in that has made this show so great. I have full faith that this show will be the best show Bryant has ever seen thanks to all of you.


Meet the Assistant Director:

Name: Brendan Reynolds

Grade: Junior

Major: Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resource Management and Applied Psychology

Brief Description of the show in your eyes: This show is a witty dark comedy that pushes the boundaries and delves into some serious issues with catchy songs and a dynamic cast.

What made you want to assistant direct Heathers, the Musical? I love this show and I thought I would be good at organizing the many variables that come into play when putting together a production.

Favorite part about directing: Seeing people’s personal growth as they become more comfortable playing their character and pushing themselves vocally, acting-wise, or through dancing. I think theater is a great way for people to show different sides of themselves as well, and that is always nice to see.

Notes/comments to your cast? I am so proud of everyone for bringing this amazing show to life and for all the effort everyone has put in to make their performance the best it can be.