Makeup Monday: Basic Smokey Eye for Halloween

Makeup is not as difficult as you may think. With Halloween right around the corner, learning a few techniques is crucial for Instagram worthy pictures. Where can we start? How about with a simple, black smokey eye? This look can be used for any and every costume idea in mind. Here are the steps to create this look!

1. Start with a clean base. Then take a light, warm-toned brown shade and blend it all over using a fluffy blending brush.

2. Drag that same shade onto the lower lash line with a small, dense pencil brush. 

3. Next, pick up a medium brown shade and blend that directly into the crease. Use windshield wiper, and circular motions for the best results.

4. Drag that shade onto the lower lash line!

5. Next take a black cream eyeshadow, or a gel eyeliner, and pack that all over the eyelid. Use a dense and flat packing brush.

6. Now take a dark, chocolate brown shade and blend out the edges of the black cream shadow.

7. Take that same dark brown and drag it onto the lower lash line with a small smudging brush.

8. Next, take a matte black shadow and set the cream eyeshadow by packing it all over the eyelid. Use a flat brush for this step.

9. Now add a light shimmery shade to the inner corner and brow bone to highlight.

10. Now add mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Pop on some false lashes if necessary and add liner if preferred.

That is how you achieve the perfect smokey eye. This look is very appropriate for any Halloween costume, just add the little details necessary and you’re good to go! Hopefully this pictorial was helpful! Stay tuned for more Makeup Monday’s.