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Make Your Nail Polish Last through Spring Break

Wondering how you’ll get your manicure to last throughout spring break? Follow these tips and you’ll be good to go!

1. Do NOT soak your nails in water before you paint your nails

This is a strategy used in nail salons in order to soften your cuticles. However, water makes your nails expand, which is not good because your nails will shrink back up when polish is applied! The nail polish will no longer be the correct size, so trust us, opt for some cuticle oil to soften those bad boys up and it will be smooth sailing.

2. Push in your cuticles before applying polish


Over grown cuticles lift polish and make the polish susceptible to chipping. So just take some cuticle oil and a cheap pusher tool from any drugstore and push them back!

3.If you bite you nails use one of these tactics:

The rubber band technique: Put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it each time you feel like biting your nails.

 Buy No Bite Nail Polish: This nail polish tastes bitter and prevents you from biting your nails with the taste.

Wear gloves: whenever you are outside wear gloves to prevent yourself from biting!

4. Wash your hands, skip the hand sanitizer!

The alcohol in hand sanitizer dries up nails quickly, so wash your hands instead. This little tip can go a long way!

5. Apply a new topcoat every two days!

This will prevent chipping as well as keep your nails looking shiny and new.

6. When your nails start to chip, file them down.

File your nails down to where the nail started to chip and paint on a new topcoat. This prevents chipping and broken nails!

7. Use a cotton swab and spread white vinegar on your nails

 Though it sounds kind of crazy, it totally works! It completely dries the tops of your nails leaving no barrier between the polish and the nail. It will boost your nail polishes lifetime to over a week.

8. Keep them short and sweet!

Growing out your nails too long will dry them out! Keep them at a healthy level- everyone’s level is different so don’t stress out your nails over it

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