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A Maid of Honor’s Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

So you’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honor in someone’s wedding- congratulations! This is a big honor (hence the name) and means you’re going to be an important part of the whole wedding process. Some of your obligations include helping plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Fortunately for you, we’ve already compiled a step-by-step guide to planning a bridal shower. Now, we’re giving you all you need to know about planning a bachelorette party as well!


The first thing you want to do is decide what the theme or event is going to be. Many bachelorette parties include a night of drinking at clubs or bars. However, this isn’t the only thing you can do. The night totally depends on the personality of the bride. Maybe she doesn’t like to drink, or doesn’t like the bar scene. Some brides will tell you exactly what they want to do, while others will leave the decision making to you. Take some time and think about the bride’s personality and interests. Maybe she’s the outdoorsy/ athletic type. Consider rounding the girls up for a hike or camping trip. If she likes to be pampered then maybe a spa day with massages, facials, and manicures is the way to go. In the summer you might want to consider going to the beach, or even spending the weekend on Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, etc. Consider fun group events like a cooking class, painting class, or wine tasting. If the bride is really low key, she might just want a girl’s night at home. Run your ideas by the other bridesmaids, and go to the bride with your top choices (unless it’s going to be a surprise, of course!).


Once you decide what you want to do, next decide who you’re inviting. Again, this depends on how big the bride wants the party to be. Some bachelorette parties only include the bride and her bridesmaids. This is more intimate, and a way for all the bridesmaids to bond before the wedding. Elsewise you can extend the invitation to include the bride’s other friends and family members. Unlike the bridal shower you probably wouldn’t invite all of the women invited to the wedding. Limit it to the bride’s favorite people! If you’re going out drinking, consider having dinner beforehand with the women in her family. Invite her mom, aunts, and young cousins out to dinner, and after dinner head to the bars with her friends and bridesmaids. Invitations can be as formal as you like- you can create a Facebook event, send out a mass text message, or create invitations like these.


Whatever you do, DON’T forget to add in a time for eating. First of all, no one will have any fun if they’re hungry. Also, if you’re going out drinking you have to eat as well. You want the bride to have fun, not end up draped over the toilet or passed out on the floor. When and where you eat depends on what you decided to do. If you’re going bar hopping, go out to dinner first so you have full stomachs. If you decide on a painting class or spa day, you might want to end the night off with dinner. A nice brunch is always a safe bet if you’re going out during the day. If staying home for the night, you can just order takeout- who doesn’t like pizza and/ or Chinese?

“Team Bride” Gear

It’s always a cute idea to buy or design matching shirts for the bridal party. You can look for ideas on Pinterest or Etsy, and check out some of our favorites: 

Another fun idea is customizable stamps for everyone in the party. This one says “I belong to _____’s Bachelorette Party. If found, please buy me a drink”

Note, while the stamp is funny, we do NOT actually recommend getting separated from your friends and accepting drinks from strangers. Be smart, ladies. 

Things to Consider


It’s important to think about your rides for the evening. You can get a limo, which many women do. However this is quite expensive (think $50-80 per person, depending on the limousine company and how many people there are). Your other options include having a designated driver, which works if there’s someone who doesn’t drink, but otherwise is pretty unfair to whoever has to stay sober. Another option is to have people prepared to pick you up- the groom, his groomsmen, and/ or some of the girls’ boyfriends or husbands might be willing to pick you all up and take you home. If this is the case, make sure your rides know when and where they’re picking you up. They have to commit to being available and not drinking that night. If none of these options would work for you, and can always use public transportation. Make sure you know the train or bus schedule beforehand so you aren’t trying to figure it out while drunk. Plan out when you’re arriving at and leaving each destination of the night. Calling an Uber is always a good way to get yourselves around as well.

Sleeping Arrangements

If might be fun to have everyone sleep over your house afterwards. This is really helpful if you have people coming from out of town. If your house doesn’t work, then see if one of the girls who lives nearby would do it. This way whoever is giving you rides doesn’t have to drive all over the place dropping people off. You also might want to consider getting a hotel room (or multiple rooms, depending on how many women there are). This means everyone has to spend more money, but is convenient if you’re going away for the party or there is a hotel in the area.


Remember that this is the bride’s last girl’s night before she is a married woman. Make her the most important part of the planning process, and you can’t go wrong. Good luck and have fun!