Lessons We Learned after First Semester of Freshman Year

First semester of the year is just about over and for many of us, it was our first semester in college ever. Upperclassmen give you the basic information you’ll need to survive the first four months of school, however there are many things us freshman learned along the way.


1.      How much down time you ACTUALLY have, (which is a lot)

2.      How quick you can finish a series on Netflix as a college student. (A record breaking four days)

3.      How thankful you will be to actually go to bed before 1am

4.      A lanyard is a major freshman accessory 

5.      Naps will save you

6.      You will miss your mom a lot.

7.      How your bed at school becomes even more comfy than your bed at home.

8.      How terrifying and unpredictable registration is. (Of course we were “warned” but nothing compares to your own actual experience)

9.      How to perfectly bulls*** a paper due the next day

10.      How nasty showering in a communal bathroom really is

11.      When a party starts at 10pm don’t show right up at 10...

12.      Teachers seriously don’t care if you show up to class or not (sometimes)

13.      How important it is to make friends the first week. No matter if you stay friends with them forever or just that week. They will make your first week easier.

14.      The food in the dining hall isn’t that bad the first week.

15.      Coffee is a necessity

16.      Boys will never change

17.      Gaining the freshman 15 is easier than we thought (late night drunk pizza)

18.      How immune you become to wine after three months . (It’s like water at this point)

19.      Hell week, aka finals week, is seriously brutal. (Again we were warned but not enough)

20.      How independent you will become  

21.      How the first semester flew by faster than you could imagine. So we got to make the most out of our next few years!