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Latest Fall Fashion Trends

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UGG SLIPPERS: These are a must have for this fall. They are worn with sweatpants or with jeans and can be paired with a cute long sleeve top or sweater.

BAGGY JEANS: These are super essential. You can wear them with almost anything. They would look even cuter if they have a flare bottom!

FALL COLORED LEGGINGS: Aerie has the best selection of comfortable and fall colored leggings that are super cute to have! You can style these however you want and they would look cute with the ugg slippers! These leggings flared are SO cute!

OVER-SIZED PUFFERS: These are great for days where its cold and you still want to have some fashion in your outfit! These are easy to dress with any type of jeans and even leggings!

LEATHER PANTS/JACKET: These can make any outfit super cute! You can dress them however you want and they always look AMAZING!

CHUNKY LOAFERS: Many celebrities are wearing these and they always look great. These are a bit harder to style, and sometimes its a little more elegant, but still really cute.

SWEATERS: These are always a staple piece in the fall and this year it is no different. These look great with jeans and those ugg slippers mentioned before!

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