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Karl Sery


The Basics

Name: Karl Sery

Year: 2016

Major/Minor: Marketing/Communication

Hometown: Hudson, MA 

On-campus activities: Football, Sales team


Favorite drinks: Pineapple Ciroc, Long island iced tea

Favorite things about Bryant: My roommates, friends, the fact that it is a small school but still a good time and the professors

Favorite food: Chipotle 

Favorite place: Long beach, California

Favorite show: Family Guy 

Love Life

Relationship status: Single 

Perfect date: Going for an evening walk after getting Mexican food 



Fun fact: My full name is Karlhainge which in French means angel (Karl-angel)

Pet peeve: When someone sneezes on you without covering their mouth 

If you could name a drink after yourself what would it be?: The K.Dot

Dream job: Traveling the world doing business

Bucket list: Go to Venice, skydiving, visit phantom gourmet restaurants

Celebrity crushes: Jlo and Scarlett Johansson 

The title of your autobiography: 1 Big Mess 


Secret talents: I can break dance 

If you were animal what would you be: Tiger or hawk 

Top played song: 4 digits by Eric Bellinger and Where You Belong by the Weeknd

If you could bring anything to a deserted island, what would they be?: A cell phone that has twitter and snap chat available and a lifetime supply of steak

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