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Justin Bieber Arrested TWICE… In One Week!

Not only did Justin Bieber resist arrest in Miami after drag-racing, but he also repeatedly hit his Limo driver in Toronto! Justin Bieber was busted in Miami Beach on January 23rd for a DUI, resisting arrest without violence, drag racing, and driving on an expired license. Justin blew a .04, which isn’t illegal… for a 21-year-old! Any consumption of alcohol under the age of 21 results in a license removal. He had also consumed marijuana and prescription drugs. After leaving jail in Miami, he sat on top of his car and waved to his fans whom patiently waited for his return back to the world. Unfortunately for Bieber, the trouble didn’t end there. He was arrested AGAIN in Toronto on January 29th. He’s being charged for assault due to an alleged altercation with his limousine driver in December. Her Campus wonders, what trouble with this superstar find next!

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