Jump Starting a Successful Day Begins When You Wake Up

According to a quick Google search and science, a minimal 24% of people under age 30 are self-reported morning people.  Why? Because waking up sucks. Why would we want to disrupt the perfect few hours we get to ourselves to snuggle and dream, especially when hectic schedules lead to late nights and restless sleep patterns? But, it is proven that people who wake up early are more successful in the classroom, have better mental and physical health, are more productive, and promote more restful sleep during the night. 

We're not saying everyone should set their alarms for 5 a.m. and watch the sunrise (but if you're into that, that's great), but rising a little earlier to complete some healthy morning tasks can jump start your day and put you on track for success. Here's some of the best, and easiest, ways to start off healthy and happy.

1. Try and wake up around the same time each morning

This applies to days you don't have class until noon and weekend. It doesn't have to be the same time down to the minute, but staying within in an hour allows your body to recognize a pattern and stick to it. More importantly, stop hitting snooze! It's better to set your alarm later than it is to keep drifting off to sleep and waking up again. You'll end up feeling groggier and lazier than normal.

2. Have habitual tasks

These can vary for everyone, but having a set morning routine gives you a reason to get out of bed. Once these simple tasks become commonplace, you'll begin to look forward to them. After each one is checked off the morning to-do list, you will feel so accomplished, especially when you look at the clock and realize the "old you" would still be lying in bed hitting snooze. Here are some typical morning tasks that set you up for a good day:

  • Make your bed
  • Tidy your desk and pack your backpack
  • Brew coffee / tea / make breakfast
  • Shower
  • Do hair & makeup
  • Exercise
  • Check the weather

It may seem mundane, and maybe you already do these things, but the crucial part is finding joy in them. A morning ritual should feel important and soothing; after completing it you should be refreshed and confident that you did something. Then, if you slip up and wake up late and your morning routine is disrupted, you'll remember how much better you feel on those days you rise earlier.

3. Plan your day

A perfect way to start your day is noting all of the upcoming things you need to accomplish. Start small and list out everything, from homework to laundry to calling your family, and then start to section out times you can complete them. Making a to-do list is good for two reasons: when you're super busy it forces you to use time management effectively, and when you have free time it tells you at what time in the day you can make plans for yourself. We all deserve something to look forward to!

4. Don't rush

The overall goal of waking up early is so you aren't stressing out. If you keep hitting snooze and jumping out of bed at the last possible second, only giving yourself thirty minutes to get dressed and head to class, it's inevitable you will forget something. There is nothing worse than sitting down as your professor is starting class and realizing you left the assignment on your desk. If you give yourself plenty of time in the morning, you can ensure you have everything needed for the day, and maybe some extra time to relax and take your time. 

Good luck, collegiettes, we promise this will be worth it in the long run!