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Jake Marotta

This week’s Campus Cutie is Jake Marotta


Graduation Year: 2017


Major/ Minor: Undeclared—possibly Marketing/ Communications


Hometown: Bridgewater, MA


On-Campus Activities: Baseball


Describe Yourself in 3 Words: “Quantity not Quality”


Any Secret Talents: Facebook creeping and wearing my Reefs year round


Dream Job: The Phantom in Phantom Gourmet


Pet Peeves: 1D Haters and E6’s


Bucket List: Perform with Luke Bryan, Tour with 1D, go a day in the life with Adam “The Champ” Demamp from Workaholics


Favorite thing about Bryant? Fancy Salmo Dates


Favorite Show: Workaholics


Top Played Song on your iPod: Steal My Girl- 1D


Celebrity Crushes: Jana Kramer


Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard: “I’ll pay for dinner if you make breakfast”


If you could bring three things on a desert island, what would they be? Skimboard, Beach Chair, and Tanning Oil


Guilty pleasure: Nicholas Sparks books


If you were a food, which would you be? Linguini


If you were an animal, what would you be? Buck McCarthy


If a bartender named a drink after you, what would it be called and why? Pimp Juice—can’t talk to girls without it


What would be the title of your autobiography? Story of My Life


Fun Fact: I have a twin brother 4 years older than me, suitcasing his way in the Philadelphia Flyers organization.


Megi is the Snapshot Chair for HerCampus Bryant!•Position: Fashion and Style/ Snapshot Editor•Class:  Senior 2015•Hometown: Waterbury, CT •Major/Minor: Biology/Business Administration •Fun Fact: Can speak Albanian!
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