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Intramurals Player of the Week: Sebastian Amedee

Intramurals Player of the Week: Sebastian Amedee

Sebastian Amedee

Team: Da Muffin Men

Number: 6

Sebastian Shooting from the free throw line

This week’s intramural games were all very entertaining, including the game with Da Muffin Men versus the Young Gunz.  Our intramural player of the week is this year’s captain of Da Muffin Men, which are the two year defending champs of the A-League Intramural Basketball league.  Sebastian helped lead Da Muffin Men to a 37-35 win!

Our player of the week guarding the opposing team’s point guard

Sebastian and Da Muffin Men were trailing by one or two baskets for the whole game. But just coming from their first loss in two years last week they knew they couldn’t lose again. Our player of the week, Sebastian, as captain was able to rally up his team and push to gain the lead in the last 15 minutes of the game. Sebastian is always a high point shooter for Da Muffin Men, but this week’s game was more of a defensive one. Sebastian and his whole team where able to keep the distance between them and the Young Gunz small until they really pushed and were able to gain the lead in the second half.  Sebastian came out as the star player of the game with not only his defensive skills, but also for being the highest scorer on his team.

Sebastian shooting a 3-pointer (and yes he did make it!)

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