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Interested in Going Through Formal Recruitment?

Here is Why You Should Attend Sorority and Panhel Info Sessions 

Formal Recruitment may seem far away, but with the semester coming to an end in five short weeks, it is closer than you think. A great way to prep rush is by having your questions answered and all uncertainty cleared up. Going to both Panhel and Sorority info sessions are a perfect way to get ready and excited for Formal Recruitment. 


Panhel Info Sessions 

If you have any specific questions about the recruitment process, or just want to know how it works, then you should definitely attend a Panhel info session. In these sessions, you get to meet all of your rho gammas for this year. A rho gamma is a member of a sorority who gives up her letters to provide unbiased guidance throughout the Formal Recruitment process. They are always there to chat, even now! If you have any specific questions, your best bet is to speak to a rho gamma. Overall, since Panhel is the organization that oversees all sororities and runs Formal Recruitment, these info sessions are the best to help prepare you for the process. Here is the date for the next Panhel info session: 11/12 @ 9:30 via Zoom!


Sorority Info Sessions 

We have four sororities on campus: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Sigma, Alpha, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. All these sororities hold their own info sessions to prepare for Formal Recruitment. In these info sessions, you get a chance to meet the sisters, learn more about their philanthropy, and overall get a feel for their sisterhood. This is a good opportunity to get a feel for each sororities vibe and see what their other involvements are on campus. You should attend all the sororities info sessions so that you have a better grasp of how they are unique from one another. Formal Recruitment is about finding your home - where you best fit. Going to all the sorority info sessions this semester will allow you to get a better idea of what each sisterhood is like. This will also allow you to go into Formal Recruitment without a bias, which is extremely important when trying to find where you best fit. Here is a list of the upcoming info sessions for all sororities: 

Alpha Omicron Pi: 11/ 3 @ 9pm via Zoom (possibly hybrid) 

Alpha Sigma Alpha: 10/26 @ 9:15pm via Zoom  

Delta Zeta: 10/22 @ 9:30pm via Zoom and 11/10 @ 9:30pm via zoom 

Sigma Sigma Sigma:10/27 @ 9:15pm via Zoom and 11/09 @ 9:15pm via Zoom  



If you are super enthusiastic about recruitment, or super confused, information sessions should help to clear those up for you! All information for the info sessions can be found on engaged. If you have any more questions DM @bryantpanhel on Instagram and like the Bryant Panhel Facebook page. Click this link for more info and to be put on an email list for Formal Recruitment updates: Formal Recruitment! Go Greek and find your home! 



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