Inevitable Stages of Moving Out

Oh happy day, summer is finally here! No more exams, papers, and classes! We are almost free... with the exception of one minor detail... We have yet to pack up. We know, we know, we should have started weeks ago, but this whole moving out thing kinda just crept up on us. 

It starts off with panic

Oh no.We have a week? There is no way you can pack up everything this quickly, you have three seasons of clothing and an arsenal of matching shoes.

Then comes regret

Maybe we didn't need 12 pairs of pumps, 30 bras, and enough underwear to last the apocolypse. We guess we could have lived without three different curling irons, but what if we needed them?!

The rise

Your bed becomes a canyon of stacked clothes, you just hope and pray that they will not topple over when you add another shirt.


Hindsight is always 20/20, shoulda coulda woulda not have stacked your shirts so high. In the moment it felt right, but now your clothes are lying on the cold hard ground. *Cue angsty Taylor Swift music*


Aw, this is from our first week here! We obviously have to send snapchats to all of our BFFs because it is soo cute. It's fine, we have plenty of time!

Money, Money, Money

When you find a ten dollar bill under your bed and immediately think of all the possibilities that real cash holds. We can split a pizza with our roomies with this type of cash flow!

Throwing it all away

There is no possible way we will have enough room for all of this in one car, time to downsize! Throw it all away and donate the rest!

Packing all the clothes

Who cares if we have a couple more days left? Pack everything!

When you realize the year is over

What will we do without all our friends 24/7? How does one survive?