If Disney Princesses Took Final Exams

The Disney princesses might have been through some rough times, but at least they never had to take final exams. This is what your favorite Disney leading ladies would be doing if they had to endure finals week.


Cinderella changed her life by going to a ball when she was supposed to be home doing chores. Therefore, Cinderella would be the girl who goes out partying the night before her exams. She knows she should be home studying, but she has a serious case of FOMO. Cinderella sees her suitemate getting ready to go out, and can’t resist putting on her favorite outfit and hitting the bar. She swears to herself she’ll only have one drink and be home by midnight for some last minute cramming, but then she meets a cute frat boy, loses her shoe, and it’s all downhill from there.


Pocahontas is in touch with her spiritual side, and spends as much time outdoors as she can. She takes advantage of the bizarrely warm weather to study outside, where she can be at one with nature. Her inner peace, despite her wild streak, will amaze her friends and put her in the perfect position to study. Unless, of course, she gets distracted and decides to go for a hike instead of hitting the books.


Aurora’s version of studying is one part looking over her notes, and two parts napping. She can’t help it, she gets comfortable, opens her books, and next thing she knows she’s fast asleep on the couch. It gets so bad that she starts taking naps in the library as well. Aurora will argue that it isn’t her fault- the material is just so boring she can’t help but fall asleep! It’s a curse. Chances are she sleeps through half of her first exam, and runs to the classroom in her pajamas and slippers. Somehow she still manages to pass- all of that extra sleep must have been exactly what her overly stressed brain needed.


Obviously Belle is that one friend who spends all of their time in the library. During finals week, Belle would practically move into her favorite spot in the library (the table in the quiet section with the best natural lighting). She eats her meals there, and even sleeps there. Unfortunately, this isn’t all good. Belle wouldn’t be able to sit in a library without looking up her favorite author. Before she knows it, her finance notes have been abandoned and she’s halfway through A Game of Thrones (the book, not the show). It isn’t easy being a bookworm.


Tiana is a determined, independent woman who knows how hard you have to work to reach your goals. This mindset means that she would be super on top of her finals- no procrastination here! She’d have started studying for each exam a week in advance, so by the time test day comes around she is as prepared as possible. In addition, she took on an extra shift at her part time job AND made time to hit the gym. She’s the girl you aspire to be, but know you like Netflix too much to ever get on her level.


Rapunzel is easily distracted, which would be a problem during finals week. She’s doing everything but studying- she’ll paint a picture, do some online shoe shopping, craft for her Little, wrap all of her Christmas presents, clean her room, and read the last twelve issues of Cosmo. When she finally gets around to opening her books, she’ll start daydreaming about the day when she escapes the hell of finals week and can spend a month doing whatever she wants. After a half hour of staring at the same spot of her book, she’ll decide to take a break and spruce up the suite’s Christmas decorations.  


Jasmine is the rebellious, moody friend that complains about exams being an indication of how much you can memorize, not how much you know. She doesn’t see the point in highlighting notes and memorizing flashcards, so she refuses to study in a passive aggressive way of fighting the educational system. She spends exam week wandering around off campus, looking for the coolest, off the map bars and boutiques. Jasmine is literally too cool for school.  

Snow White

Snow White is always doing things for others. She’ll spend finals week quizzing her friends, cleaning the bathroom (even though the chore chart says it’s her roommate’s turn), and baking apple pie for her stressed out friends. At this point she’ll realize that baking helps reduce her stress levels, so she’ll turn to baking the exam anxiety away. Everyone she knows will get a batch of cookies, and she’ll have so many leftover pies that she’ll bring one to each of her professors. Needless to say, she’ll pass all of her exams.  


Mulan, as captain of the women’s rugby team and member of ROTC, would channel all of her stress into sports. After getting all her excess energy out at the gym, her mind is totally clear when it comes time to study. Mulan isn’t one to let anyone outdo her, so she’s setting goals and working day and night to reach them. Not to mention she’s worried about disappointing her parents. Mulan will wake up at the crack of dawn, do an intense workout, study for hours, and get the highest grade in the class on every exam.  


Ariel spends exam week wishing she was somewhere else. She convinces herself that life in the real world will be way better than life in college. Instead of studying, she complains to everyone who will listen about the downfalls of being a student. She spends her free time looking up internships for next semester, and dreaming about the awesome job she’ll get after graduation. That is, the job she’ll get if she can pass her finals…


Merida, president of the archery club, has no time for studying or exams. She would much rather be hanging with the guys than hitting the books. She knows she should be studying, which is exactly why she doesn’t do it. Merida rebels against joining her friends at the library, which means it’s a mad rush to get everything done just before finals. Her stubbornness creates huge problems for herself, but she’s smart enough to figure it all out in the end.