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If College Students Acted like Donald Trump

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bryant chapter.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Donald Trump is an interesting character. The way he sees the world is unlike anything we’ve ever known. Here is what we believe would happen if college students started acting like Donald Trump.

When you fail a test

When you don’t get the internship you applied for

When your club doesn’t win Special Interest Group of the Year

When the dining hall runs out of your favorite food right before you get there

When registration rolls around and you don’t get the class you wanted

When campus security shuts down your party, but not your neighbors’

When Chipotle runs out of guac

When a classmate makes a statement you disagree with

When your housemate accuses you of not doing your fair share of chores

When the professor says you did poorly on an assignment

When your housemates ask what you want to watch on Netflix

When you’re judging people at the gym

When your professor asks if you prepared for the exam

When someone calls you out for crying over your ex while you were drunk

When the people near you at the bar get a little too rowdy

When you want the bouncers at the bar to be stricter about who they let in

When you throw an ~exclusive~ townhouse party

When you’re trying to insult someone, but can’t think of any good comebacks

When you’re telling a crazy story about last night at Sunday morning brunch

When you and your girls are out for the night and things take a turn for the worse

When you’re going on a rant and someone else tries to speak

When your friends try to shame you for last weekend’s one night stand

When you’re in an extra sexist mood