I Used Functions of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner and This Is What Happened

Maybe you're wondering where those pretty little pastel bottles that are popping on your social media are from. Well, Functions of Beauty is a fairly new hair care company that specializes in customizable shampoo and conditioner. With thousands of different combinations, they guarantee that you’ll find a combination that fits your hair and daily routine.  

I was curious about Functions of Beauty after seeing their gorgeous shampoos and conditioners pop up on my Instagram  I went to their website to take the “hair quiz” which asked questions like hair type and scalp conditions. What was really cool is that you can fill out your hair goals, like if you want to work on making your hair less frizzy or if you want silky smooth locks. You choose up to five, and pick out your favorite colors and scents for your products and check out! Mine shipped relatively quickly; the website says that it takes about ten days because they individually fill each bottle.  

The factory where the products are made is based in Pennsylvania, so shipping may vary, but the delivery was speedy. When I opened the bright turquoise box I was super impressed with the packaging ~aesthetic~. The bottles have normal caps, but the boxes include little pumps that you can put in the bottles for easier use in the shower. There’s also a pamphlet that tells reminds you what your hair goals are and tells you what ingredients they’ve put in to help achieve them!  

Once I got in the shower and started to use the shampoo, the air filled with the essential oil scent that I chose. And when I was lathering I could feel my hands getting softer (I’m literally not lying my hands were actually softer because of the essential oils in the shampoo). After I conditioned and got out of the shower, I decided to air dry my hair to see how the products worked on their own, and because of the straightening and smoothing hair goals I set, my hair didn’t have as much volume, but was super silky.  

Now, the shampoo and conditioner set starts at $36 per eight ounces of each, but you can choose larger bottles or more shampoo than conditioner or vice versa. Although the combo is really hydrating, the conditioner doesn’t have the buttery thickness that other conditioners may have. I find that I use a 1:1 ratio of shampoo to conditioner for the most part, so I recommend getting the same size bottles unless you have thick hair that could use some extra hydrating love.  

Because Functions of Beauty knows that no two women have the exact same hair, they are great with customization. You can also subscribe and save on your shampoo and conditioner packages, or you can change your hair goals as your hair changes. I also like to switch up my routines, so some days I use my toning shampoo and conditioner to bring out my blonde, and other days I use T/Sal to get rid of build up on my scalp. But my FOB shampoo and conditioner doesn’t hinder the effectiveness of my other products, so I use it almost every day! It’s definitely going to be a staple in my routine, and because it’s so fun to personalize and it ships right to my college or home, I’ll definitely treat myself every month!