How You Know You’re an Adult


Although adulating is the last thing we want to do, we are inevitably growing up!  Have you reached the point of no return? Here are some telltale signs that you, in fact, are an adult.


You know your way around the kitchen

You’ve totally gotten the hang of feeding yourself and doing so nutritionally. There are vegetables handy for you to cook with for every meal.  Having a guest over for dinner?  You aren’t phased and will turn to your crowd-pleasing dish.


You feel like everyone is pregnant or engaged

A girl you used to play soccer with is having a baby… on purpose.  You see on Facebook that your bff’s sister, old neighbor, and girl you had Spanish with in high school are all engaged. Their new rocks are also an object of your scrutiny and you are starting to be able to judge cut and clarity.


Better yet, one of your exes is pregnant or engaged!

Nothing hits home like someone you used to be so connected to having huge life moments with someone else.  If you didn’t break up, would that have been you??? You can’t imagine being pregnant or engaged, but the thought isn’t completely impossible.


Student Loans

You’ve either engaged in the thrilling act of making a payment on your student loan, or the thought of beginning to is a total reality.  Being in debt is certainly a harsh reminder that you’re an adult.


There are things better than frat parties

Do you remember those exciting days of pregaming with your friends in a tiny dorm room and then making the trek out to that frat party that you’ve been waiting for all week?! If the idea of going to a frat party this weekend is the last thing you want to do, then you aren’t alone- you’ve joined the adults.


You know how to handle your money

You have a steady income (finally!) and you know exactly where your pennies are going.  Rent, utilities, and cell phone bills all get paid, and you even contribute to a 401K on a regular basis.  You are able to make serious purchases because you know how to save, too!


You’ve been on a plane without your parents

Nothing makes you feel more like an adult than traveling by yourself.  You are in charge of where you’re going and what you’re doing with your life!  It’s up to no one but you to get to where you are going.


At the end of the day, you are so ready for bed

Remember the days of staying up all night chatting with your roomie then heading off to class without missing a beat because you know you can squeeze in a nap later?  That’s a skill of the distant past.  Ten o’clock sounds too late for you to be awake and it doesn’t even bother you. You cherish your sleep and you aren’t ashamed of it.


You gift and receive home goods and décor

Did you get a nice frame or perhaps some new hand towels for your last birthday?  Do you spend time in the home goods section when you go to Marshalls these days? You have great taste because HGTV is always on in the background and you actually know things about decorating. These are sure signs that you’re a full-fledged adult.