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How to Survive Spring Break at Home

We all know how annoying it can be when your glorious spring break plans fall through and you’re left at home. Seeing all those ‘fun in the sun’ spring break posts from your friends sucks, to say the least. With this year’s cold weather, you’re going to need something to occupy yourself with

Her Campus Bryant came up with a little survival guide for your spring break at home so you don’t have to go stir crazy.

1.       Learn a new recipe, or two; it’s a great way to teach yourself how to cook and prep yourself for living on your own one day.

2.       Get yourself into a new Netflix series; this should take up a few good hours a day

3.       Read a book; keep up with those school skills so you don’t come back brain dead from binge watching Netflix.

4.       Work out every day; while your friends might be on vacation, think of how little they’ll be working out. If you can’t come back tan at least you can come back feeling fit!

5.       Search DIY’s on Pinterest; unleash your crafty self and don’t worry about messing up, you have plenty of time to try again.

6.       Look up what’s going on in your local community; you’d be surprised with what you might find say a local farmers market, an art exhibit, or a music festival.

CT: http://www.ctvisit.com/thisweekend

Boston: http://www.events12.com/boston/march/

NYC: http://www.events12.com/newyork/march

New Jersey: http://www.njfamily.com/Things-To-Do-In-NJ-This-Weekend/

RI: http://www.goprovidence.com/things-to-do/calendar-of-events/

7.       Take a trip out to the city; grab a friend or head there alone, either way explore around and keep busy.

8.       Shop; head to a local mall and pick out a select few pieces you’ve been dying to have. If you can’t unload your stressed outside tanning, at least you can do some retail therapy.

9.       Find cool local places to eat; look up your town on trip advisor, you might find some places you’ve never been to or thought of going to and end up finding your new favorite restaurant.

10.       Head to a coffee shop; grab a few friends from home and head to a local coffee shop to chat and catch up. 

11.       Read the newspaper; it could be a great way to catch up on current events that you might have been too busy to notice with all the school work you’ve been slaving away at.

12.       Movie marathon; watch your fav movies with your family or your friends on one of the snowy or rainy days.

13.       Sleep; after all those days of cramming for exams before break, you deserve it.

14.       Get a pedicure; why not add to the relaxation theme, go ahead and spend a little extra on yourself.

15.       Try something new; pick up a new hobby or a new food that you’ve never tried or always wanted to get into, during the semester it can be hard to find the time to immerse yourself in new things.

16.   Catch up with your parents; spend a day or two with just them. You have no idea how much it might mean to them to get a day to chat after you’ve been wrapped up in school.

17.   Do a little volunteering; contact a center near you to give back to your community.

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