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How to Stay Motivated after Spring Break

As collegiettes, we know that coming back from the islands of paradise, sun, warmth and drinks makes it hard to dive back into our normal routine. Very hard. It’s probably the hardest thing there is to do, especially when you’re a senior. Seriously though, what’s the point? Of course there’s that whole GPA thing and graduating, but if you already know you’re passing your classes… derailed a little there, but let’s just say it’s tough.

There are ways to get through these next couple of months without slacking off. We’ll be honest, we haven’t always followed these tips, so we’re still wondering if being motivated is a myth. But we are going to do the impossible and prove ourselves wrong by being motivated.

So here’s a few tips to get yourself rolling through the end of the semester (which we’ll be following as well!):

1.      Mark your calendar of all test dates

This will help you keep in mind that there is still work to be done.

2.      Set end-of-semester goals for yourself

It could be academic but it could also be things on your bucket list to look forward to.

3.      Plan and schedule ahead of time

Plan little outings with the girls, cute dates, or even big nights out, but make sure your friends know that school work should be coming first. This also means you’ll need your time management skills to be functioning.

4.      Don’t put off work “just because the sun is out” because you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sunnnnnn! And again on the next day, and day after that…

5.     Lastly, talk yourself through it or get a friend to help you out

Those are the guidelines we’re setting for ourselves, and we’re going to make sure it happens. Hopefully these will help you all too!

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