How To See Your Ex This Break101

Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, some of you may be going home for a first real break from college. For those of you who left a past significant other behind, you may have an unsettling feeling for what will occur when you are home. Whether or not you still have those lingering feelings for an ex, or even if you hate their guts, here are a few tips to make this possible run-in easier:  

  1. Always Look Your Best

Although you may want to relax with your family in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, if there is a chance you will see this ex while being home it’s important to always be prepared. If you look your best when leaving your house it insures that you won’t get any unwanted sneak attacks.  You will feel confident with your encounter with your ex and surely remind them what they are missing.


  1. Travel in a Group

If you know for a fact you will be seeing your ex at a thanksgiving event such as your old high school’s football game or a common hangout spot in town, never be alone. If you surround yourself with friends or perhaps siblings this gives you a support system as well as people there to prevent any encounter from being too awkward.


  1. Have Plans for Later

Even if you don’t have anything to do for the whole day, always have a place or event in the back of your mind that would be reasonable for you to attend. This way if your ex asks to meet up with you, there is already a reason you cannot. This gives you more time to evaluate the situation and determine what is best for you to do, rather than being put on the spot. If you decide you want to see this person, you can always tell him later that your plans got cancelled.


  1. Don’t ask or talk about new relationships

Revisiting your past with your ex can be awkward enough, so there is no reason to make things even more uncomfortable. Even if your ex asks if you have been waking up in anyone’s bed at school, say no. As of right now you both are broken up and it isn’t any of their business. Talking about other men or women may put a more damaging effect on your relationship, therefore don’t ask and don’t tell.


  1. Keep Your Guard Up

Remember that while encountering an ex for the first time may bring out those feelings that you thought went away. Whatever emotion you feel when revisiting your past is only temporary, and will most likely fade when coming back to school. Don’t let yourself get reattached to the person you left behind and try at all costs not to sleep with them. Although emotions will be running high between you two, it is your past for a reason so be careful of your own feelings.