How to Recover From the "Awkward Wave"

We all know how it feels to see someone that you know, get super excited, wave to them, and then have to awkwardly recover from them not seeing you. In the moment it seems like the most awkward situation we could ever put ourselves into, but fortunately we have learned how to recover.   

When they don’t see you wave, you pretend like you were doing anything else BUT waving.

“Yeah it’s totally cool, I wasn’t waving to you or anything.”

When they don’t see you wave and you pretend like you were just playing with your hair

“In this moment, you didn’t see me, but I am going to brush my fingers with my hair now”

Today when you wave to someone who isn’t waving, you can instantly turn that wave a dance

 “Dancing in public is so not awkward and so casual that no one will notice I am trying to recover from that.”

Worst case scenario if someone doesn’t see you wave, run away.

Or you can stand there and own your wave like the freaking queen!