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How to Make Moving Out Fast and Easy


Move out time is right around the corner! Sometimes moving out can be stressful, or make you think about all the work you have to do for weeks in advance. There are some very simple things you can do to make this time easier for you. Here are a couple steps that you can take:

1.If you live close by, start the weekend or two beforehand

If you live close by, start by bringing home things you know that you no longer need. Too much clothes, extra school supplies, shoes, etc.  It takes up a lot of room in your dorm and your car, so move it on out.

2. Read the information packet from your college

Check with Residence Life to see if they give a handout of what they expect from you, it is the best way to ensure they do not charge you with anything.

3. Donate all unwanted clothing

As the year goes on, the more clothes accumulate at the end. Sometimes the closet at home is not capable to keep all those clothes in there for the summer. If you do not have a need for the clothes, donate them for a good cause.

4. Make a list of any supplies you may need to clean your room

Cleaning the room tends to be a small step that is forgotten. Usually you just have to vacuum and make sure the trash is out and the bathrooms are clean.

5. Create a list of what you need to do

Making a list of everything you need to do is very helpful and keeps you organized during the busy day. Cleaning, making sure you have everything, and what not, is very helpful especially to keep you organized.

6. Make sure you have all of your things before you leave

Colleges tend to throw out whatever you keep in your room because they see it as the property is now the schools. Make sure you have it so they don’t  throw it out after you leave! 

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