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How to Know a “Friend” is Toxic

The people we count on most besides our family are our friends. They’re the people who we form bonds with and can always have a good time with. Those who are there to pick you up when you are down and know how to make the smiles and laughs never end. However, there are “friends” who are not there to benefit you and sometimes it is hard to understand that these people need to go.

There are important signs to look out for and if your “friend” is like this, then they probably are not your true “friend.”

1. She constantly doubts you

It does not matter what you say or do, she always is saying that she does not believe you. This is not a valuable trait. A good friend would be cheering you on and happy for you. A friend who is just telling you that you are lying about something is not the kind of energy you want or need in your life.


2. There is no empathy

Let’s face it—every girl has mental breakdowns over school, boys, and even things as small as not having enough ice cream in the freezer. We all have situations that occur that upset us or stress us out. If your “friend” isn’t there for you to tell you everything will be okay, then she needs to be cut out. Friends stick by each other and build each other up through times of stress and pain.


3. They are untrustworthy

Having someone to tell everything to is so important, just to get it off your chest. She needs to be there for you and able to keep these secrets, and you have to be confident that she will not spread rumors or make the situation worse than it already is. If you do not feel comfortable being able to vent to a friend, then why are they in your life? She should be able to stand behind you and stay true to her word.


4. Judgmental

If you constantly feel like you are being judged for your actions, this is also a warning sign of a bad friend. Everyone makes bad choices and mistakes. It is a part of life and each journey may have different side tracks that lead us somewhere we did not think we would end up. She should be supportive of what you do.


5. They don’t keep in touch

Lots of best friends are always texting or FaceTiming just to let each other know what is happening. If you feel like it takes hours to get in touch with her, then she probably is not someone you want to be in your life.


6. They are not happy for your success

If you share good news with someone, especially at such a stressful time in school, you obviously want a reaction that will make you even more excited for your success. If she does not applaud your success or turns around and tries to ruin your happiness, then there is a major problem.


7. Constant pressure to do things you might not want to do

Constantly being told to do things is never fun, especially if they are things that you do not want to do or have the potential to harm you. It is important that you stick up for yourself and do not give into the constant pressure from your “friend.”


All of these warning signs should be considered when you evaluate the friendships you have in your life. You should be surrounded by people who want to love and support you, are there for you when you are down, and always have your back no matter how hard the situation may be. Breaking up is not always just for romantic relationships—but also for those friends who are toxic and will hold you back.

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