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When COVID-19 initiated a pandemic last March, we were sent into a quarantine like no other. Some of us had school or work to stay occupied, but others found themselves in need of a hobby to fill the void.


I was one of those individuals who needed a hobby in addition to my schoolwork. Before COVID-19, I considered making a blog. I loved to write, so naturally I wished to share my thoughts with the people around me. However, time posed a challenge. I never thought I had the time to adequately maintain a website platform. COVID-19 was the opportunity to follow my passions.


I did an extensive amount of research before deciding on my platform. I looked at various accounts, read articles, and watched YouTube videos. I finally chose to pursue a “microblog” on Instagram. According to Dictionary.com, a microblog means “to post very short entries, as a brief update or a photo, on a blog or social media website.” This method was best suited for my social media skillset. Before launch, I brainstormed my “brand” – aesthetic, content, niche, quality, username, etc. I could not decide on one niche to focus on, so I incorporated three: college, fashion, and lifestyle. Since each consisted of different things, I decided to brand myself as “simply Nicole things” to encompass all my passions. This was my best decision in the development phase.


A year later, I have over one thousand followers on Instagram. I have received gifted items in exchange for posts and reviews. I am a member of various influencer platforms. My dream to become a blogger is just beginning. I hope to maintain this success and fight the challenge of time to keep my passion alive.


My advice to you: if you want it, get it. The world is within your reach, and with ambition, you can succeed.



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follow your passions
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