How To Have The Best Galentine's Day

Ladies, the time to indulge yourself in all things chocolate, rom com’s and hotties with bodies is here! Valentine’s Day is the perfect cheat day to treat yourself to some much needed relaxation time but remember, the day is just a celebration of love. Rather its romantic love, family love, or self-love, it’s important to celebrate the love you have in your life! If you’re a lucky lady and get to spend the best day of the year with your gal pals, here are some ideas to add to your Galentine's Day and make it the best one yet!

1. Host a Chocolate Tasting Party

February 14th is basically the day of chocolate. Therefore, any Galentine's Day wouldn’t be the same without a little chocolate! A fun idea to spice up your day is to make a chocolate tasting party! Each guest can bring their favorite type of truffle, dessert, or bar to bring to the tasting. After each guest brings their sweet of choice, it’s time for the fun! If your friend group happens to be on the competitive side, you can even make it into a contest to see who guesses the most chocolate flavors right!

2. Have a Pamper Party!

Valentine's Day is a day for day for all kinds of love, which includes self-love! A pampering party will ease any tension or stress anyone might have. This can be done with friends, or even by yourself! There are so many different activities a pamper party may have, but these are our favorites to include!

  • Facials!

Any face mask will work rather its cheap or expensive.

  • Manis and Pedis!

It would be best to stick with pinks, reds, whites, and purple if you really want to get in the spirit! Be sure to add a foot scrub:)

  • Massages!

This would be the best time to bring back the massage train with your friends. It’s free, gives you a little hand workout, and it’s fun!

3. Grab a few friends and join an exercise class!

If you are on a health kick or want to avoid the chocolate cliché of Valentine’s Day, this activity is for you! Working out may be boring alone, but grab a few friends and it may actually be fun! Our favorite places to go would be a cycling class, a hot yoga session, or an ab class! Most fitness clubs have some sort of a themed Valentine’s fitness class, so check out your local gym to sign up! If you don’t want to spend the money, here are some things you can do at home to sculpt your body!

  • Warmup: 20-minute buddy jog!

This will be the best time to gossip about everything going on and to chat about that cute boy in your class.

  • Main Workout Cycle for 2/14

(3 times through) - 2 pushups - 14 squats - 2 Burpees - 14 fire hydrants (7 each leg) - 2 Minute Plank - 14 Sit ups!

  • Five minutes of stretching!

Stretching is VERY important after a workout, make sure to take at least five minutes!

4. Movie Night!

Almost every channel on Valentine’s Day has some sort of romance day movie is on. Rather your taste is drama, comedy, or even horror, there will be a Valentine's Day movie for you. The best part about it is that most of the movies are free if you watch them on TV! If you’re a Netflix and chill kind of gal, Netflix also has some quality Valentine's Day movies. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Love Actually
  • To All The Boys I Loved Before (Netflix)
  • Definitely, Maybe
  • Valentine’s Day
  • ANY Hallmark movie

5. Scrapbooking Night!

Valentine's Day is just the celebration of love. To help remind you of every loved one, make a scrapbook that has all your favorite people and memories in your life! Scrapbooking is way more fun (and cheaper!) with all your friends by your side. To decorate your pages, think of all the funny quotes or sayings your friends said to help border the pictures. But always remember, a scrapbook isn’t a scrapbook without embarrassing pictures and old crushes!