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How to Get Perfectly White Teeth

We’ve got the inside scoop on the latest products for faster, whiter teeth! Whether you’re in no rush to whiten up your smile or you’ve got a special date coming up soon, we’ve tested out the newest in Colgate Optic White and are sharing the results with you.

With midterms almost over and our caffeine crashes finally hitting in, we know everyone is looking for something that’ll brighten up their smiles and erase all the late night coffee stains off our teeth. We recommend trying the Optic White toothpaste that is guaranteed to show you results in 1 week. We’re obsessed with this toothpaste – as you can see in the photo, we’ve made a nice dent in this bottle already! We use this to gradually whiten up our smiles by three shades! To keep them pearly white we got the best results when we brushed twice daily for four weeks. This is available at Target for $3.99!


If you’re looking for whiter teeth even faster, try using the Colgate Optic White Platinum – Express White toothpaste that guarantees a smile three shades whiter in three days. This smaller sized bottle is the perfect go to when you and your friends make plans only a couple days in advance! You can find this at Target as well!


Believe or not, we’ve got one more product that is guaranteed to give you whiter teeth in only two days! This one is one of our favorite – thank you to Colgate Optic White for sending these in our Survival Kit this year! We haven’t had much experience using whitening pens or gels, but we highly recommend this one. This easy to use whitening pen makes it fast and convenient to whiten your teeth because it’s built into the bottom of the toothbrush! We’ll admit that sometimes we’re too lazy to go the extra step and try whitening gels. We usually take the easy route with a whitening tooth paste instead, but this is one product you have to try. For the best results, use twice daily for two days. Pro tip: don’t commit to this if you only give yourself 10 minutes to get ready in the morning, or you’ll be forced to go to class with whitening gel still on your teeth – we learned that the hard way!

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