How to De-Stress During Finals

Finals are a very stressful time, so follow these tips to help de-stress and relax! Good luck, you got this! 

1. Remember to eat

It keeps your body energized--look how happy he is!


2. Organize your workspace

This cat’s working harder than you right now.


3. Stay active

Stretch or go for a nice run


4. Dress nice.

It’s proven that if you dress nice, you’re more confident and can do better on your tests!  


5. Naps are okay to take

Like’s okay


6. Always be prepared for your exam

You can’t go wrong with bringing an extra pencil.


7. Drink plenty of water


Staying hydrated is key to staying energized!


8. Be early to your final

It makes everything else a little less stressful.


9. Breaks are a necessity

It’s the end of the year so be sure to have some fun!