Holdiay Gift Guide for All The Guys in Your Life

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend? How about for your dad? Shopping for the guys in your life can seem impossible. Take a deep breath and check out these gift ideas for your boyfriend, brother, father, grandfather, and all the important males in your life!

1. Boyfriend

Obviously if you just started dating a guy, you’re probably not going to buy him Gucci slides. Your gift should depend on the depth of your relationship. However, here are some general ideas that may make shopping for him easier. Whether it’s one of these items, or a mixture, you can’t go wrong.

  • Clothes: get them something they like to wear, and you like to see them in
  • Shoes: sneakers, moccasins, slides etc.
  • Accessories: watch, hat, sunglasses, jackets/vests
  • Cologne: give them the scent you would like them to wear
  • Sentimental Gifts: framed picture, something special that the both of you like
  • An experience: concert, sports game, trip
  • Videogames (if you’re okay with not seeing your mans for a couple days)

2. Brother

Depending on the age of your brother you could be getting him toys or clothes. However, there are a few things that all boys like. The best thing a sister can give her brother is some assistance, maybe things that would help his appearance/style? Siblings normally know one another’s interests more so than parents, so get him anything your mom or dad might forget too.

  • Clothes: nicer than what he would normally wear
  • Cologne
  • Sports Jersey’s: what team/player does he love?
  • Videogames: because all annoying brothers play videogames
  • Sports equipment

3. Father

Shopping for your dad is going to be hard, because normally if you gift them something, then they will give it right back to you. Think of things that your dad loves/is interested in. Then think of something that he can’t or won’t want to give back to you.

  • Tools: they will always need them
  • Books: if he likes to read or is interested in learning more about something
  • Sports Memorabilia: all dad’s love sports
  • Sentimental things: framed pictures or collages
  • Tickets: to a game or concert you both would love
  • Avoid gift cards: they will just give them right back to you

4. Grandfather

Your grandfather’s greatest gift of all would probably be seeing you on during the holidays. However, there are a few things your grandfather may love.

  • Scratch tickets: all grandfathers love scratch tickets
  • Pictures: you and your siblings, they just love looking at you
  • Socks: everyone loves to be comfy
  • Sports tickets: this could be with your dad too, every guy loves sports

Overall, whenever you must shop for a boy its normal to immediately panic. Just remember that at the end of the day boys aren’t that complicated. If they really love you, which we are sure that they do, then they will love what you get them! Happy Holidays ladies!