To: Him From: Her-The Do's and Don'ts of Valentine's Day

With just three days left until one of the most spectacular days of the year, us ladies want to reach out to all of significant others and let you know what we want and what we don’t want.  It’s as simple as that.

Disclaimer: Not every single woman is going to want or not want these things.  However, our guess is that many of them would agree with us.

Disclaimer 2: This is super straightforward and we know that.


Don’t do nothing

We know you think it’s going to be so super cute and adorable to not do anything for the day and just cuddle up with a handful of movies.  However, we will end the day in tears.  We totally agree that you show us your love every day and this shouldn’t be the one day you show how much you love us, but it’s still special for us and we all love to feel extra special from time to time. So please don’t think that just a night on the couch is our idea of a Valentine’s Day.  We could do that with you any day of the week!


Do wake us up with a smile

We dream of waking up one morning with our entire room covered in flowers, little “I love you” notes everywhere, and walking downstairs to you cooking breakfast in the kitchen.  Come on men, it’s not that difficult!  We drop hints for these things all the time :)


Don’t complain about the price of dinner

We both know how dirt poor we are, so we understand that heading out for a night on the town may not be east- but it’s just one night.  If you do choose to take us out don’t let us know you are upset with the cost of our dinner.  It will make us feel terrible and we will automatically jump into a frenzy and probably want to pay for the bill.  Trust us-we’ve been there, done that, and truly do not want to go back.

Do cook us dinner!

If going out to dinner is a bit of stretch, there is nothing more romantic than you cooking us our favorite dish for dinner.  It’s so cute having you question us, “how do I know when the pasta is done?” and patiently waiting for us to take that first bite.  You cooking dinner automatically deserves a few kisses here and there and truly shows you are really trying.


Don’t forget a card

It’s so silly but sometimes a simple card (hand-made for bonus points) goes such a long way!  Just the little cheesy note and signature you leave at the end makes us fill with butterflies so try your best not to forget about it.


Do go the extra mile

The extra mile could be anything from your first time telling us “I love you” all the way to covering our eyes and walking us into a bed covered in rose petals, a bubble bath warming up, and a bottle of wine chilling.  Go the extra mile and make us a scrapbook of your favorite moments with us.  Go the extra mile and fill our day with a dozen little surprises every hour.  Go the extra mile and take us to a romantic spot like the beach where “I love you” is written in the sand.  Go the extra mile and bring us on a scavenger hunt for the whole day.  There’s a thousand ways that you could go the extra mile for near to no cost...we love the extra mile and you love spending no money-it’s a perfect thing!


Don’t forget our subtle hints

Over the past few weeks, months, and even years, we’ve been dropping subtle hints like “oooh that looks like a good place, we should try it there sometime”, “I’ve always wanted to lay under the stars”, and “I wish I could get a massage”.  We drop them for reasons and we hope they don’t go unnoticed.  Don’t forget our subtle hints because if the day does go sour and you say, “well how am I supposed to know EXACTLY what you want?!” we are going to begin dropping our hints like bombs.

Do breathe

We know it’s stressful to plan for this day. We do feel your pain because what you have to do in one day we try and do for you every day.  However, please just breathe it out. Us girls do have extremely high expectations in our minds, but if you love us enough you will have no problem reaching them.  If things get messed up, just breathe, and pull us really close and tell us you really tried and you are sorry and you would really like to take us out for some ice cream covered in chocolate.  We are not going to be upset if the day gets all messed up and things don’t go as planned. We will only be upset if you just leave it like that and don’t try and fix it. Whether we admit it or not, we think it’s kinda cute when you mess up and you get upset with yourself.  It shows you’re passionate and you tried.  Just breathe, hold us close, and our Valentine’s day together will be nothing short of amazing.