Her Campus Bryant’s Guide to Recovering from Midterms

Midterms are obviously the second worst week of the semester; finals take the cake on worst week, but midterms can be just are as bad. Fortunately, midterms are almost over and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is time to pop open a bottle of champagne (or some cheap wine) and celebrate! You have a solid weekend to distress before getting your grades back, so live it up! Here is our guide to relaxing post-midterms.

  1. Use a facemask

You know those perfect single facemasks from Freeman’s? Stock up! After all the stress of midterms, give your skin some much needed TLC. Stop by our local Ulta and treat yourself and all of your suitemates to a facemask! They’re super cheap and make your skin flawless. Open one up and pour a glass of wine to drink while it is on your face!


  1. Hydrate or caffeinate

Nothing takes more out of us than a week of midterms. Make sure you mix in a water between coffees and stay hydrated. We use our Camelbak Forge Divide Mug to hydrate or caffeinate on the go.


  1. Try something new

Are you in the midterm slump? Try out something new and add it to your routine!! Maybe go to a new workout class or add something special to your beauty routine! We suggest checking out Rimmel’s Colour Precise Eyeliner, their “The Only 1” lipstick, or their new 24 Hour Supercurler Mascara! They will make whatever new beauty look you try out flawless!


  1. Buy a new outfit

Treat yo’ self. Splurge on a new outfit before Halloween, you’ll feel like a million bucks. You could even invest in a “game day outfit” to wear to football games this fall. Recently we have been loving Flying Colors Apparel which is all about cute, sophisticated game-day wear that’ll make you the cutest girl in the stands. Or even just buy yourself a new bra to keep yourself feeling flawless. We recommend the new Maidenform Demi Bra, it is super comfortable and gives you a little extra lift.


  1. Go for an off-campus run/walk

The fall is beautiful here in RI, soak it up! Go venture off campus and bring a friend or your whole squad! There is nothing quite like fall air. If you’re planning on going off alone, bring a Wearsafe Tag! The Tag will track your location, it looks super discreet, and will alert both friends and police if you’re in trouble. It is an easy way to have peace of mind no matter where you venture off to!


  1. Transition your wardrobe

For us, this is therapeutic. We love fall clothes! The easiest way to transition dresses from summer to fall is to wear a cute pair of tights underneath them. We have stocked up on L’eggs with medium support, to keep us comfy through the fall transition.


  1. Revamp that “time of the month”

Getting your period once a month is the worst. But finally there is a solution that will have you spending more money on Ronzio’s than your monthly pads/tampons: it is the Diva Cup! This is a girl’s new best friend. With a Diva Cup and a tube of Monistat a girl can take over the world, but in the mean-time our periods will be just like any other week in the month.