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Happy 90th Birthday, Marge!

This Friday is Marge’s 90th birthday! Happy birthday from Her Campus, xo. 

Name: Marge Yasick

Number of Years Working at Bryant: over 40!

Hometown: Millville, Massachusetts

On-Campus Activities: Judged Mr. Bryant twice

Interests: Crossword Puzzles, crocheting, reading, taking day trips, and coming to work

The Details

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Friendly, busy, and helpfulAny Secret Talents? I used to ballroom danceDream Job: I’d like to just win the MegaBucks, that’s everyone’s dream! But I really love the job I have.Pet Peeves: none!


Favorite Thing About Bryant: The students! They’re the best part of Bryant, without them there wouldn’t be any Bryant.Favorite Salmo Meal: Vegetable Soup and I like the festive holiday mealsFavorite Meal Time of the Day: Lunch! Because there’s more students and it’s my second time seeing some of themFavorite Memory at Bryant: For the Mr. Bryant Contest, I walked one boy out instead of his girlfriend!Favorite Place in the World: Home, I love to be home… and I don’t like traveling!Favorite Food: Lobster


One Thing Students Don’t Know About You: I’m 90What Keeps Me Still Working: What else am I going to do? There’s only so much shopping you can do! Mostly, I love my job!What Time Do You Wake Up In the Morning, and How Do You Do It? 4 a.m., and I leave my house at 5:10. I come here and have tea, eat breakfast, read the paper and then I start work at 6:45. You just get in the habit and it comes naturally waking up at that time after a while.One Thing I’d like to See at Bryant: I’d like to see the kids start ballroom dancing. I used to love to dance, I danced every week 

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