Halloween Costume Hacks

Waiting until the last minute for a Halloween costume can be incredibly stressful, especially in college. What is even more stressful is spending money on a Halloween costume (we're balling on a budget around here)!

We've gone through it and it's not fun. In order to make the costume planning and preparation a little less strenuous, we've come up with some quick, easy costume hacks that can help you pull a costume together in time for the big day (and for cheap)!


The Maxi-Skirt-Does-All Hack

We already know maxi skirts are amazing, but did you know they can be used for nearly any costume EVER? You can buy one a few sizes up to and use it as a dress, wear it like normal, or you can improvise and cut it into a shirt or even a hood (for all of you being Little Red Riding Hood out there)!

The best part? No matter how you wear it, you will be super comfortable – guaranteed!


Hot-Glue Hems

Order something off of Amazon and it just does not fit right? Grab that handy-dandy hot glue gun and get to hemming! This helps you avoid using scissors to get rid of excess fabric which can make your costume look ripped and frayed. Hot glue saves the day once again!


Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow

Want to add a little bit of sparkle to your costume? Yes, we love glitter too, but how often are we really going to use it? Do we really need to buy a whole packet or jar of glitter? Not anymore!

Take a quick trip to your local drugstore or Target and find a cheap, tacky eyeshadow. This will stick to your skin, and the most convenient part is that it’s much more mess-free than actual glitter! Go and shine, girl!


Need Mermaid or Alien Makeup?

Use an old pair of fishnets or stockings to use as a stencil when putting on your colorful makeup! This will help make the ‘scaly’ effect on your skin and minimize some of the pigmented, glittery mess!


Look in Your Coset…Then Look Again

Halloween does not have to be an expensive holiday. Look in your closet, and when you think there’s nothing you can use for a costume, think again!

Black tube top? You can use this for nearly any costume.

Cheetah print bodysuit or a plain black t-shirt dress? Both can be transformed into a super cute Cheetah costume!

Use your imagination ladies, the best costumes are the ones that are cute and cheap!


Cover | Gif graphics by Giphy