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Every Spring the Greek Life community comes together to compete in Greek Week.

This year’s co-chairs were Hannah Kirby of Delta Zeta and Zach Mastrianni of Sigma Chi.

The Greek Week Committee included Alexandra Valle, Alanis Palma, Taylor Smith, and Madison Reid. In addition, Kelly Boutin, the Assistant Director of the Center of Diversity and Inclusion – Hochberg Women’s Center & Pride Center, and Andreas Armenis, the Graduate Assistant, were also a big help and resource for the week!

The Greek Week mission statement is: “To promote camaraderie between fraternities and sororities through unifying events and activities. To celebrate the founding values of all Greek Letter Organizations: leadership, service, scholarship, and friendship; to come together as a community and to celebrate being Greek”.

Greek week is everyone’s favorite time of the year! Even if you are not into sports, everyone can get involved and show their creativity at the other events during the week. Even if you choose not to participate in any events, coming out and watching your sisters and brothers compete can be just as fun and exciting! Keep scrolling down to catch all the highlights from the week!


Day 1 – Field Day

Chapters competed in five different events outside on the Koffler lawn: water balloon toss, human pyramid, three legged race, tug of war, and new to this year’s schedule was a relay race around the Bryant pond. Delta Zeta and Tau Kappa Epsilon were highest scoring chapters of the day. For a recap of the festivities, check out this clip:


Day 2 – Basketball

Fraternities and sororities competed in a 5-on-5 basketball tournament. The brackets were chosen at random and each game was 7 minutes long. The winning team was determined by whoever had the most points at the end of each game. The basketball champs this year were Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tau Kappa Epsilon!


Day 3 – Volleyball & Mocktail Competition

Fraternities and sororities competed in a 6-on-6 volleyball tournament. Games were played to 15, best two out of three sets. The volleyball champs this year were Sigma Sigma Sigma and Tau Kappa Epsilon!


Later that day, Greek life chapters also competed in a mocktail competition hosted by the Greek organization GAMMA (Greeks Advocating for Mature Management of Alcohol). Each chapter created a team of five members to create their original mocktail creation and were given 10 minutes at the event to prepare their drinks.

During the event, GAMMA also hosted a trivia game to educate alcohol awareness and to promote safe drinking on campus. In addition, each chapter also competed in a public service photo contest that embodies the GAMMA mission statement. The winners for the best non-alcoholic mocktail were Delta Zeta and Delta Chi.

The photo contest winners were Sigma Sigma Sigma and Delta Chi!


Friday – Relay For Life

Chapters participated in the annual Relay for Life event on campus. Many members in Greek life were involved on the executive board and chair positions that organized and planned Relay for Life this year! Chapters hosted activity tables during the all night event and participated in fun events like Zumba, karaoke, and musical chairs!


Saturday – Lip Sync

Last, but certainly not the least, chapters competed in a lip sync competition. This year’s Greek Week theme was Disney and each chapter had to incorporate that into their dance numbers.

The grading criteria was based on actual lip singing, creativity/originality, cohesiveness, choreography, and costumes. Lip sync is each chapter’s chance to demonstrate their creative abilities, aside from their athletic ability.

There was also a food drive where each chapter had to donate at least 50 cans each for the Rhode Island Food Bank. The lip sync winners this year were Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Chi! Click here to see some of the battle!


After lip sync, the final scores were calculated and the winners were announced. This year’s winners were Delta Zeta and Tau Kappa Epsilon!


This year was a great success through the hard work and dedication of everyone behind the scenes! Chapters grew closer through long nights of practice and preparation. Last week truly highlighted the fact that the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood are unbreakable! Scroll down for more screenshots of the week!

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