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Last week was the annual Greek Week event for the Greek community at Bryant. Greek Week is a week-long event in which all the fraternities and sororities compete against each other in fun, interactive games and activities. This year’s Greek Week was coordinated by Aimee Bielot of Sigma Sigma Sigma and Toby August of Sigma Chi.

The idea around Greek Week was to allow for all the fraternities and sororities to come together and create a positive environment as a Greek community. Their mission statement is: To promote camaraderie between fraternities and sororities through unifying events and activities. To celebrate the funding values of all Greek Letter Organizations: leadership, service, scholarship, and friendship; to come together as a community and to celebrate being Greek. Every year, there is a theme to Greek Week and this year’s theme was “Rock the Ages”.

Along with all the events happening during the week, there was a philanthropy contest throughout the duration of the week. The fraternity and sorority that raised the most money by the end of Thursday would receive extra points. The money raised would go directly to soldiers overseas.

The overall winner of Greek Week for the fraternities was Delta Kappa Epsilon coming in first, followed by Sigma Chi in second place, Tau Kappa Epsilon in third place, and Delta Chi in fourth place. For the sororities, the first place winner was Sigma Sigma Sigma, followed by Alpha Omicron Pi in second place, Delta Zeta in third place, and Alpha Sigma Alpha in fourth place.


Day 1- Field Day

The kickoff of Greek Week started on Monday. This day of events was known as our Field Day in which there was a pyramid contest, three-legged race, tug of war, balloon toss, and relay race around the Bryant pond. Unfortunately on this day, the weather was not in our favor so the balloon toss and relay were postponed until Wednesday. Therefore, the fraternities and sororities competed against each other in the pyramid contest, three-legged race, and tug of war.

Day 2-  Basketball Tournament

Starting in the afternoon, each fraternity and sorority competed in a 5-on-5 basketball tournament. The games were about 10 minutes long and involved double-eliminations, meaning that a team would have to lose a game twice in order to be eliminated from the competition.

All teams competed against each other until 6pm when there was only one finalist left for the fraternities and one finalist for the sororities.

Day 3- Drunk Obstacle Course, Mocktail Competition, and Field Day cont.

Wednesday was the continuum of Field Day with the relay race and balloon toss. This was also the day of Mocktails and, new to this year, the drunk goggle obstacle course. The mocktails were judged by two DPS officers in which they judged based on taste and aesthetic. Each fraternity and sorority are given ten minutes to prepare their drinks.

The drunk obstacle course involves three members from each fraternity and sorority to, as fast as they can, navigate their way through an obstacle course without hitting any of the obstacles in which time would be added onto their overall times.

The mocktails and drunk obstacle course are segments of Greek Week which are hosted by GAMMA (Greek Advocating for Mature Management of Alcohol).

Day 4- Volleyball Tournament

Continuing the athletics of Greek Week, the fourth day of the week-long event was the volleyball tournament. Similar to basketball on Tuesday, the teams would play double-elimination games until there was one finalist left. Each match was a best two out of three games, with scores to 15 (winning by two).

Day 5- Lip Sync Competition

Finally, everyone’s favorite part of Greek Week was Friday’s Lip Sync competition. All the fraternities and sororities lip synced and danced to songs of the ‘Rock Ages.’ Most members of each fraternity and sorority participate in this fun and exciting competition, as the event is also worth double points compared to the past week’s point system.

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